About us - Alumatex – our philosophy

Alumatex – our philosophy

Service / Quality / Reliability

Banks, shopping centers, hospitals, offices, schools, office buildings, restaurants, cultural institutions and much more are visited by hundreds of employees, customers, prospects and guests every day. An unimaginable amount of unwanted dirt and dust is carried in every hour on the soles of their shoes, as well as water, mud and snow in autumn and winter. This mass attack of pollution not only spoils the aesthetics of the premises, destroys floors and carpets, but also negatively affects the health and well-being of the people in the premises, and even the lifespan of the computer equipment.

How to deal with this troublesome problem?

Preferably with the help of well-designed mats and doormats.

The mission of Alumatex is to create comfort, aesthetics and pleasant living conditions in everyday life. We know that the floor is an expensive and the most used piece of “furniture” in any building. That is why we help to maintain it and at the same time save our customers money and time. Our products minimize cleaning costs, delay the vision of renovation, and eliminate unnecessary problems on an ongoing basis.

Alumatex’s business idea is to offer customers a wide range of functional and well-designed items of only high quality. In the field of mat systems, we rely on a well thought-out and effective construction. The use of durable and solid plastics allows us to achieve maximum performance products with outstanding cleaning precision and, above all, a long service life. We know no limits when it comes to “individuality”. Tell us your desired size and with our unique “laser design” technology we will even immortalize your company logo, name or slogan on your entrance mat.