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1. Dimension

Required ramps are added to the order.
0 cm 0 cm

Number of selected ramps:


2. Profile


Profile height12 mm17 mm19 mm
Required depth of a floor opening without the use of an angle frame.12 mm17 mm19 mm
Required depth of a floor opening with the use of an angle frame with thickness 5 mm.13,5 mm/21 mm
Required depth of a floor opening with the use of a dirt trap./80 mm80 mm

3. Cleaning inserts

4. Coulor

Aluminium Entrance Mat Alfa Standard

  • A101 Grey

  • A102 Anthracite

  • A103 Brown

  • A104 Beige

  • A105 Black

  • A106 Navyblue

  • A107 Red

  • A108 Coconut

Aluminium Entrance Mat Beta Standard

  • B101 Grey

  • B102 Black

  • B103 Brown

Aluminium Entrance Mat Gamma Standard

  • G101 Grey

  • G102 Black

  • G103 Brown

  • G 104 Red

5. Alignment of cleaning inserts

6. Customization of the doormat

The personalization of the doormat takes place with the selection“Perform laser engraving“.

Complete all previous steps

If you have artwork for the doormat,select and upload the file.


Profiles with a laser engraving can have a maximum bar length of 299cm

7. Mounting accessories


The mounting frame is used when the floor already hasa prepared recess.
An alternative would beSet
consisting of the options: ramps and dirt tray (removes practically all the dirt)

8. Your contact details

Different delivery address

Aluminum mats from Alumatex – excellent quality and durability

The aluminum profile mats from Alumatex ensure more cleanliness in the building. We differentiate between three different cleaning zones in the entrance area. If these zones are ideally matched to one another, around 80 percent of the dirt that would otherwise be carried in gets caught in what is known as the mat pull.

Alumatex is your competent partner if you are looking for a high-quality doormat with frame. Just send us an inquiry and we will make you an individual offer. In order to find the optimal solution for you and your company, we provide you with a configurator. Simply fill this out according to your wishes so that we can make you an offer that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Tell us the measurements

First we need the desired dimensions of your mat. Of course, you can set the width and height yourself. If you request a Entrance mat with frame, you should also let us know if it is a the outer frame dimensions or the outer dimensions of the mat. You can also tell us the inside dimensions of your floor opening. We then produce an entrance mat with a frame or without a frame that fits exactly into the floor opening.

Choose the right profile

Of course you can also determine the dimensions of the profile yourself. We offer you a large selection of different profiles. They are all made of high-quality aluminum and thus offer high durability. Make sure your floor opening is the minimum depth required for the profile you choose. Of course, all profiles can also be combined with a frame.

Wide range of cleaning kits

Then one of the most important parts of the aluminum mats is selected, namely its cleaning kit. We offer you different materials and textured surfaces. Some of them are more suitable for removing coarse dirt, others also remove smaller dirt from the soles of the shoes. In the next step you can then choose the color of your cleaning kits. If you are not sure which cleaning kit is best for your purposes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help. As a rule, we divide the aluminum mats in the entrance area into three zones, whereby the first is to remove the coarsest dirt and the last is responsible for the fine sanding.

Have your doormat customized with a frame

We offer you the customization of your doormat with a frame through laser engraving. For example, we can put lettering or your company logo on the mat. So it can be perfectly coordinated with your corporate identity. So that we know how you imagine the laser engraving, it is best to upload a file with the desired motif for us.

Select mounting accessories and send inquiry

Last but not least, please indicate which mounting accessories you need for your aluminum mats. For example, we offer you various mounting frames, a ramp or a dirt tray. Now we need your contact details. You can also send us a personal message. When you are finished with all the information, simply send your request. We will then process it and get back to you as soon as possible with an individual offer. If you would like to get an impression of our mats in advance, then take a look at our gallery. There you will find numerous examples of our aluminum mats in various designs. Of course, you can also contact us at any time by e-mail or telephone. We will be happy to help you find the right doormat with frame.