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Aluminum profile mats from Alumatex

The floor is probably a kind of calling card for every interior. Its condition and level of care affects the visual perception of the entire interior. Therefore, proper care and protection are critical to its effective maintenance. Properly selected aluminum profile mats are among the most popular and useful accessories and accessories that protect floors from dirt and mechanical damage.

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Alumatex - safe floors

Alumatex is a manufacturer of outdoor and indoor aluminum profile mats, textile mats, rubber mats, popular entrance mats and necessary accessories. As a manufacturer, we focus mainly on your safety, that of your customers and that of your floors. Our products are characterized by the top quality of the materials used and a universal, moderate design that can be adapted to any type of interior and surface.

aluminium profile mats

Our range also includes made-to-measure aluminum profile mats for outdoor use, for heavily used surfaces . They have high strength, ergonomics and mobility. Installation frames, aluminum floor trays and ramps complete our range. These solutions and the materials used ensure that our aluminium profile mats absorb dirt effectively and that your premises remain clean. An additional advantage are aluminum profiles with anti-slip tape, thanks to which our aluminum mat is non-slip. Aluminium floor mats are weather and corrosion resistant.

Aluminum profile mats

Our portfolio also includes aluminum profile mats for indoor use with interchangeable cleaning inserts. Because of their construction, they are extremely effective, regardless of whether the dirt is wet or dry. We also offer the option of extensive personalization of your Matte Aluminium. Since More value is placed on the aesthetics of the room, we also manufacture aluminum mats not only in every size and shape, but also in different colors (you can choose from a RAL color chart). Our Alu Mat is perfect for shopping centers and areas for vehicular traffic (wheelchairs, children's or shopping trolleys).

matte aluminum

As a manufacturer, we also offer flexible and robust textile and rubber mats. They have very good cleaning properties and are also abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant. Aluminum profile mats with your own design and text, which are particularly useful in workplaces, are also available. They are made of nitrile rubber, which gives them high resistance to chemicals and oils. We also offer anti-fatigue mats that, thanks to their structure, ensure greater comfort at work.

Our Alu profile mats are characterized by a sleek and simple design, which is why they go with everyone type of facade, sidewalk or walkway in front of any building. Our experience allows us to combine flexibility, appropriate height and stability, making our products safe, non-slip and highly effective at absorbing dirt.

aluprofilmatte 01

At Alumatex you can also buy the necessary mounting accessories, such as overrun thresholds and ramps, aluminum floor pans and profile installation frames in various sizes.

Customer satisfaction, security and a sense of aesthetics are essential elements for us, which is why we approach each customer individually. We give you the possibility of any personalization of our products. Please contact our company to set all the details of the order and wishes. Our profile mats are environmentally friendly - they are made from fully recyclable materials.

High processing quality, perfect fit and high-quality manufacturing materials guarantee that our products will look like new for years and will do their job successfully. They will not dull or wear over time, as is often the case with products from other brands.

Use our aluminum profile mat configurator for your quote request.