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Clean zones

The great importance of clean-up zones in every building

Banks, shopping malls, hospitals and government offices are visited by hundreds of employees, customers, prospects and guests every day. A lot of dirt and dust is carried in on the soles of their shoes in a short time, and in autumn and winter – also water, mud and snow. This unwanted soiling not only damages the aesthetics of the rooms, but also has a negative effect on the entire clean-up zone in the building.

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Therefore, the functional and professionally designed clean-off zone in importance. Appropriate entrance mats and clean-off mats are able to remove about 80% of dirt. The term “system” means the thoughtful and unique combination of mats that protects any floor from dirt. Above all, this means the complex clean-off zone, which consists of three zones and serves as an effective barrier against dirt.

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Zone I

The first zone is always right in front of the door. Their job is to use their bristles to remove the heaviest dirt from shoes. This part of the clean-off zonein the form of high-quality clean-off mats ensures a positive first impression on visitors.

Zone II

This is the so-called “windbreak”, also known as the intermediate zone. It picks up the residue of the coarse dirt that could not be caught by the clean-off mat before. In the buildings where there is no possibility of using the second zone, Zone I and Zone III should be extended accordingly. As a result, the two zones create the uniform clean-off zone.

Zone III

This is the last part of the whole clean zone. It is located inside the building. This zone is the most absorbent because it absorbs the smallest debris, such as dust or sand. After passing through this zone, the soles of the shoes not only become clean, but also dry.

All three zones, if well designed and executed make the great Clean-off zone.

Entrance mat – the most important component each clean-off zone of Alumatex

Advantages of clean-off zone with a clean-off mat in the floor embedded is

The complex structure of clean-off zones gives dirt no chance and it contributes to this ensures that the soles of the shoes are cleaned quickly and effectively. The clean zone brings a lot of advantages. The most important of them is cleanliness. Other, but equally important parameters are – saving of money (reduction of cleaning costs by up to 80%!) and time for cleaning and renovation of quickly wearing floors. The clean-off mat can be removed from the recess and cleaned with little effort. Then it can be put back again. As a result, the entire clean-up zone in the building is always very clean and elegant.

In addition, it reduces the risk of your customers and guests tripping over it when the clean-off mat is embedded. The clean-off zone is flush with the floor, creating a harmonious overall impression.

Alumatex clean-off zone collects dirt underneath

Alumatex clean-off zone - effective removal of all dirt







High-quality clean-off zone from Alumatex

Choose an Alumatex clean-off mat and get a real premium product that is not only suitable as a good dirt trap, but also convinces with its durability and easy-care properties. The mats have a high cleaning effect and remove most of the dirt particles from the shoes. When you create your clean-up zone composed of three zones, you can for ensure that your customers leave around 80% of the dirt on the street outside. In addition, an Alumatex clean-off zone is embedded and adapts perfectly to the surroundings.

Clean-off zone order online for indoor and outdoor use

You can clarify important details of your outdoor clean-off zone with us in advance. For example, you can determine the dimensions of the clean-off mat right from the start. Then select the profile and the type of cleaning inserts. Finally, you can decide on a color for your clean-off zone. Because not every clean-off mat that is embedded has to be presented in boring gray or black. We also offer you eye-catching colors that make your entrance area a real eye-catcher. In addition, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products. If you would like to find out more or would like advice, simply contact us. You can reach us by phone or email.